Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Lunchin' (a.k.a., how shopping takes care of depression)

I woke up to the cloudy, cold day in SF... the day was starting slowly as i leisurely made myself a cup of joe and munched on fruit. I miss having frozen blueberries and cereal... i'm adapting to the weather, so sue me :-P Anyway, after some mail check and tv time, i managed to confirm lunch with Theo, a friend who was here for a few days before heading back to Hawaii. Decided to do some errands, so Ray and I headed off to the mailbox about two blocks from the house, after which we looked around the shopping center nearby. It's a cool, breezy walk, with the drizzle of rain adding to the fun :-P

Theo dropped by to pick me up around 1ish, and we headed to CrepeVine in 9th ave., a quaint cafe which featured a cook still working there whom Theo knew from waaay back (like, when he was still living in the area). The food was great, as i ordered a salad and sandwich (i seem to be having that these days...hmmm) . Theo and I caught up with what's been happening, about future plans of travelling, what he and i have been up to recently, and the many adventures so far. It's so kewl to see him again! We headed off to Amoeba music, where he stocked up on his music staples (he calls it "educational material", hehehe) and i checked out the SF outlet of this oh-so-fine music store (Tower Records, goodbye!). We ddecided to head off and check out the Haight-Ashbury area, this bohemian/kitschy street which featured lotsa cool stores, great hats and shoes, as well as the artsy stuff you normally couldn't see anywhere. Thing was though, it reminded me so much of Melrose Avenue, for some reason... we checked out Giant Robot, this cool store which, according to Theo, was an offspring from a really popular design/art magazine. It's got all the cutesy kewl stuff i was collecting in Manila, like tofu heads and kubrick toys! :-D tee-hee.... too bad they don't have gloomy bears tho... I spent on postcards and some really fun keychains :-D ay, naku.... i'm buying my sadness away, i think , hehehe :-P Anyhoo, i had fun checking out the area!

As part of my origihnal plan for the day, i looked around for a hat i can use while i'm here in SF (it's just fun, ok? Besides, i forgot to bring my hat...) Either the hats there were too crappy, or too darn expensive :-( Anyhoo, after that pleasant aftrnoon, Theo dropped me off downtown Old Navy to meet up with my cousin Bobby. With that priority in mind, Bobby and i toured the "touristy" shops of downtown to find the perfect fit and ended up ---you guessed it --- back in Old Navy! :-) Check out the cool hat i got! It's pretty neat... I didn't get to buy my gloves though (too bad!) but then again, there's always a next time... :-P

On the bright side, i got to ride the train for the first time today! :-) Bobby and i took the MUNI back to his car, parked somewhere nearby Inner Sunset, so i finally got to try it out. It's kewl and yes, it is better than the LA transit! It's like riding the metro, only it's more consistent and yes, it travels to more places :-) Kewlness...I think i'm gonna try that again tom...

I dunno. Depressiona nd dealing with this whole adjustment thing gets to me easily, more so these days. I guess that aside from my immediate family here, i know no one. I guess this time alone gives me more space and time to just think. and think. and think some more. *sigh* I know, i know, i should really stop this torture. I know that whatever happens, the feeling will be there. I trust him. I trust myself. I just... miss him. I hope he misses me too.

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LemonCloud said...

Glad you are feeling better. Shopping really does help when you are feeling depressed.The company you are with help too I think. I bought a digital camera when I was depressed a while ago. And for the next few months, I'm broke ^^;
Still I'm having fun with my digi cam :)

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